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DEA Spring Lecture Series – April 15, 2:00 PM Eastern – Prescription Drug Abuse: A New Subculture of Heroin Addiction

Prescription drug abuse is an escalating problem, but with ongoing restrictions and the high cost of prescription opiates, many of the abusers have turned to cheaper heroin to feed their addiction. Robert L. Hill, Executive Assistant with DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, will give an overview of prescription opiate abuse and misuse on a national level. Since Baltimore, Maryland is a microcosm of a wider epidemic of the problem of prescription opiate abuse leading to a whole new subculture of heroin addiction, DEA Baltimore District Office Assistant Special Agent in Charge Gary Tuggle will speak on the shift from prescription opiates to heroin. To wrap up the program, Amy Laugelli, Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator for Carroll County, MD who works with the community group Residents Attacking Drugs (RAD), will speak on the prevention, treatment & recovery side of the problem. Download the flyer »

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